What does 2018 have in store for interior design? What’s hot? What’s new? What’s a 2018 must-have? We asked our designers to give us their thoughts on what design trends they think should be on our radar in the new year. Here’s what they had to say.


BLACK. Timeless and classic or up to the minute and contemporary, black is going to be a go-to color choice more than ever in 2018. Metallics, such as gold, silver, bronze and copper will stick around but less glitzy, matte black accents in hardware, light fixtures, pillows and patterned wall and floor tile will become more prominent.

In kitchen design, deep charcoal tones will be very popular. Matte black cabinets look sleek and sophisticated paired with stainless steel appliances and natural stone counters. The look is bold but not overbearing. Matte black when used on appliances is also unexpected and a welcome and surprising alternative to traditionally glossy finishes. Open shelving offers breathing room in a black kitchen and offsets any heaviness a black kitchen might impart. Dark colors add richness and depth to a room and are comfortable in contemporary, traditional, industrial or transitional settings. — Diane Fogerty

Design by Savvy’s Diane Fogerty
Photo by Michael Jacob


WALLPAPER. Wallpaper continues to be a design darling in 2018. The variety of textures, styles, colors and patterns available today makes it easy to find a paper that speaks to your design aesthetic, and many choices are very affordable. Oversized florals, grasscloths, metallic papers, geometrics, linens, velvets and silks in both bold bright hues and soft, understated neutrals are all gorgeous choices. Floral and Asian-inspired Chinoiserie papers are making a comeback, and whimsical patterns splash fun on your walls. —Diane Fogerty


TILE. Whether underfoot or on the wall, tile is having a major moment in design. And while a good basic subway tile is a classic and will always be in style, there are so many other options available these days that will add a dramatic statement to your space or infuse it with an understated elegance. Some of my favorites are hexagon shapes, Moroccan patterns, and porcelain, wood-like tiles. And oh, the colors are so beautiful now. Bold and bright or soft and subtle, tile today is a great choice for any design project. —Diane Fogerty


GEOMETRIC + ORGANIC PATTERNS. Clean lines, crisp edges and bold shapes, such as squares, triangles, and rectangles create geometric or ‘linear’ patterns, which add structure and definition. Stripes, checks, circles, plaids and chevrons are geometric patterns found on textiles, rugs and wallpapers. ‘Organic’ patterns are less defined and are more typical of what you’d find in nature or ‘of the earth.’ Think flowers, paisleys, vines, scrolls and leaves. A mix of both geometric and organic patterns creates contrast in a room, which helps it to achieve balance and interest. —Brett Clark


EARTH TONES. While cool blues and greys will still be popular, 2018 will see a return to earthier hues, such as chocolate browns, muted reds, olive greens and burnt oranges. These warmer tones tend to make us feel safe and secure in a chaotic world. Organic elements, such as wood, natural stone and metallics, pair well with this palette. Here are a few of our favorite earthy paint colors: —Brett Clark


FEEL-GOOD FURNITURE. It’s no secret that we are psychologically affected by our environments. In fact studies have shown that even certain types and shapes of furniture can play with our emotions. And as it turns out, curvy furniture can make us happier. It’s cozier and more inviting than its straight-laced cousins, tends to fit the contours of our bodies better and is more conducive to conversation. Followers of the Chinese art of feng shui say that curved furniture creates a sense of movement and allows energy to flow easily and freely through a space. Blending curvy and geometric furniture also makes a room more interesting and pleasing to the eye.–Brett Clark


VINTAGE LIGHTING. Lighting will be taking its cues from the past in 2018 and is a celebration of the Industrial Revolution but with a modern edge. Vintage chandeliers, schoolhouse fixtures, pharmacy lights and retro warehouse pendants are the bright ideas in lighting design. Complementing both masculine and feminine spaces, vintage pieces add patina and character to a new space, giving it a sense of place and authenticity and heritage to a space already steeped in history. Simple shapes, rustic finishes, and richer tones give a utilitarian fixture a more artful feel today.–Kathleen Matthews


MATTE METALLICS.. Move over shine and glitz. Make way for a more refined and simple aesthetic. Matte metallics, such as unlacquered brass and brushed finishes in nickel and bronze are warming up fixtures and furniture this year. Matte black is especially on trend. A statement-maker, matte black is a tough, versatile finish that is easy to clean and complements a variety of design styles. —Kathleen Matthews


BOLD KITCHEN CABINETS. Color started popping up all over kitchens last year, and the trend continues in 2018 with bold, bright hues making our cabinets sizzle with style. With minimal wall space in most kitchens, adding color on cabinetry is a great way to make a statement and add a burst of personality. Warm colors, such as yellow and red, stimulate appetite, and pop against typical white, black and stainless steel appliances, so they are a natural choice. Gold, copper and navy are all popular now, as are softer, more subdued and soothing silver-gray, gray-green and chocolate brown … colors found in nature. Not ready to cover all your cabinets in color? Why not try a two-tone look? Cabinets that are one color on top and another on the bottom are gaining popularity and are a subtle style statement. —Kathleen Matthews

What do you think about this year’s design trends? Yay? Nay? No way? If you are thinking about incorporating something new into your interior this year, or maybe starting from scratch, we’d love to help. Give us a call and set up an appointment to meet with one of our designers or click here to contact us.

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