Looking for a way to add maximum impact to a bathroom or kitchen? Try tile! Available today in a not so quiet riot of rollicking colors, shapes, patterns, and textures, tiles can make a dramatic style statement or simply add an understated extra flourish to a floor, wall or backsplash. Here are a few tile trends we’re loving right now. Which is your favorite?

Playful Shapes. Move over subway tile, your sexy, fun loving cousins are in the house! Geometrics, such as fish scale (also called scalloped, mermaid or ogee), honeycomb (also called hexagon), Moroccan cross, bubbles, penny rounds, and diamonds bring a healthy dose of personality to the design party.

Statement Makers. Tiles with graphic patterns, vibrant colors and interesting textures all make stunning style statements. They are unexpected and striking. Tiles like these are definitely confident choices and stand out in any space.

Specialty. When just any tile won’t do, one of these specialty tiles might be just the answer. Zellige is a richly colored, glazed Moroccan tile with a subtle ripple texture. Pebble tile’s organic look and soothing feeling underfoot make it ideal in a shower. True vintage or vintage-inspired tile adds nostalgic style and period character to a newer space and keeps it real in spaces that have actually been around for many years. With their classic patterns and palettes, vintage tiles are in vogue big time, making everything old seem new again.

Geometrics. Classic shapes, such as squares and rectangles always look good. Even tried and true subway tiles can be installed on the vertical or as a longer, narrower version of their traditional shape for a more streamlined, modern look.

What do you think about tile? Love it? Leave it? Be bold and daring? Stick to the classics? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credits: My Scandinavian Home, Mercury Mosaics, Pebble Tile Shop Norse White, HGTV Remodels, Elle Decor, Luxe Magazine Woods & Weaves

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