Why Interior Designers Love Working at Savvy

At Savvy Surrounding Style, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to interior design. In particular, the collaborative environment in which we work serves as a great differentiator to both our clients and our design team. We value teamwork and have fostered a space that gives designers the creative liberty to tailor their designs personally for their clients, while offering the opportunity to bounce ideas off of colleagues who can provide a unique perspective. 

Because we are the conduits through which our clients’ visions are realized, we aren’t married to a specific design style—and that makes collaborating even more beneficial. We asked some of our Savvy designers to describe what it is like to work here.  

Melissa Karl, an experienced residential and commercial interior designer, said, “Working as an Interior Designer at Savvy Surrounding Style is both fun and rewarding. Savvy offers a comfortable and beautiful work space where designers have access to vendor resources, furniture, and accessories right at their fingertips.” 

It’s true. We often find our designers scouring our Ladue-based showroom for inspiration or poring over the thousands of fabric and finish samples we have on-site.

Lisa Rapp, our Visual Merchandiser and Buyer, agrees.

“I love working for Savvy because it allows me to fully express my talents through our clients’ visions. Here, I can push limits, research and learn more about what is available, discover new trends/styles, and expand concepts,” said Lisa. “I work with a strong group of brilliant talented women that inspire me!”

If you’re an interior designer seeking to build your client-base while working in a collaborative, supportive environment, Savvy is the perfect place to call home. For more information on how to apply, please email your resume to becky@savvyladue.com.