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Why Savvy Is a Great Place to Work

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At Savvy Surrounding Style, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to interior design. In particular, the collaborative environment in which we work serves as a great differentiator to both our clients and our design team. We value teamwork and have fostered a space that gives designers the creative liberty to tailor their designs personally for their clients, while offering the opportunity to bounce ideas off of colleagues who can provide a unique perspective.

Because we are the conduits through which our clients’ visions are realized, we aren’t married to a specific design style—and that makes collaborating even more beneficial. We asked some of the Savvy staff to describe what it is like to work here.

Being an interior designer at Savvy means coming to work every day in a fun, creative and collaborative environment.

Kathleen Matthews, Interior Designer

“Our beautiful showroom is constantly changing with new inventory and is a wonderful source of inspiration,” Kathleen says, “and trips to market keep us fresh and on trend. Savvy’s extensive design library is another wonderful feature of our showroom. With hundreds of vendors, from the tried and true to the up and coming, Savvy is a great place to find exactly what you need for a client. All in all, Savvy is a great place to hang your professional hat!”

I love working for Savvy because it allows me to fully express my talents through our clients’ visions.”

Lisa Rapp, Visual Merchandiser and Buyer

“Here, I can push limits, research and learn more about what is available,” says Lisa, “I also discover new trends/styles, and expand concepts. But the best part of all is that I work with a strong group of brilliant women who inspire me!”

“Design is my passion, and it’s wonderful to get to be part of the creative process everyday.”

Jennifer Arce, Project Manager

“I also love working in such a creative, energetic and collaborative environment,” says Jennifer. “Being part of a small close knit team makes me love coming to work every day, and that makes each workday a lot brighter.”

Savvy is currently looking for another amazing interior designer to join our team! If you’re a designer seeking to build your client base while working in a collaborative, supportive environment, Savvy is the perfect place to call home. For more information on how to apply, please email your resume to


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