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Savvy & Sophisticated Fall Décor

Design by Savvy (Photo by Mike Cassimatis)

So it’s happened! Fall knocked on the door yesterday. Are you ready to embrace the autumn vibe? Is your home prepared for the season of gatherings and ghouls, falling leaves and fuzzy sweaters, flickering fires and pumpkin spice lattes? You need only look outside your window for inspiration. Mother Nature is quickly readying her home with the most glorious harvest hues. Now is the perfect time to bring the outdoors in, not only with color, but with materials, too. Marbles, metallics, velvets, faux fur, and leathers all bring in subtle and sophisticated hints of fall while staying on-trend. Here are a few ways to bring the harvest home.


Fall is definitely the most colorful time of the year! Take a cue from the changing leaves outside. Apple orchard reds, mossy greens, and mustard yellows are just the beginning. Juicy jewel tones, such as cobalt blue, eggplant, and bordeaux invoke richness and warmth. Earthy browns, spicy nutmegs and burnt oranges feel grounded and global at the same time. And neutrals abound in greys and greige, toast, camel and bronze.

Design by Savvy’s Kathleen Matthews
Photo by Michael Jacob

Juicy plum is unexpected for fall and mixes beautifully with deep reds and pops of blue and green. Note also the masterful blending of traditional and contemporary furnishings in this space. (Better Homes and Gardens)
Walls the color of a a fine bordeaux are luscious in this space that features spicy nutmeg hued velvet furnishings. Delicious! Also notice how the artwork matted in white gives your eye a place to land. Minimalistic florals are also right on point in this warm and welcoming room. (Roomed)


Bringing the outdoors in can make us feel calm and at peace, reaffirming our connection to nature. Organic elements also add depth and texture to our seasonal décor creating an elegant and sophisticated take on the changing seasons. It also just makes us feel good to be at one with the great outdoors. Think natural stone, such as marble, granite, limestone and travertine; metallic elements, such as gold, silver, copper, and brass; woven textures, such as rattan, bamboo; and beautiful reclaimed woods.

A reclaimed wood table surrounded by contemporary metal chairs sets the scene for this eclectic natural inspired fall tablescape designed by Savvy. (Photo by Loren Doughty)
A rustic pumpkin and comfy throw say “autumn” is here in a most natural way. (Photo by Loren Doughty)


Fall is the perfect time to embrace a more rustic approach to flowers, too. Think amazing smelling eucalyptus or olive branches or even branches with no leaves at all! Both of these options will last longer than a flowering arrangement, and the investment is minimal. Scour your backyard or visit a local farmer’s market. Buy a big bunch and stick them in a vase. That’s all there is to it. Don’t be worried if they’re taller than what you’re used to. They are supposed to be dramatic. Don’t have a big enough vase? Think outside the box! A pitcher, basket or tin canister would be ideal. Easy-to-care-for succulents, of course, are totally on trend, too, and their variegated green and multi-colored hues make them a natural for any space.

Any pretty container can become a perfect home for an adorable succulent. (Photo by Loren Doughty)
Eucalyptus or olive branches not only look beautiful, but smell heavenly, too! (HGTV)


VELVET is definitely the material “it’ girl this season. Rich and luxurious, the classic textile is surprisingly versatile and durable. Velvet transcends trends and styles, feeling equally at home in both traditional and contemporary spaces. And while the dark, moodier colors, we often associate with velvet, are certainly appropriate for the fall season, brighter tones, such as peacock blue and blush pink are having a moment, as well.

LEATHER is always a go-to for fall, just like your favorite leather jacket is a wardrobe staple when the temps start to drop. Well-worn leathers are ageless and timeless, but even though they are classic, they can also be modern and playful depending on how they’re used.

SHEEPSKIN, FAUX FUR & HIDES are perfect for layering. What’s more welcoming than a sumptuous faux fur draped over a sofa or chair when the air turns crisp outside? A fluffy sheepskin thrown over an ottoman or bench warms up even the most minimalistic interior and gives it a timeless, finished appeal. And a natural animal hide adds tactile coziness and visual interest on a natural hardwood floor or even on top of an area rug.

CHUNKY KNITS used in interior spaces serve the same purpose as those used for sweaters, jackets and scarves. Providing warmth and comfort, chunky knits are super soft, making them unbeatable when it comes to throws and pillows.

ANIMAL AND TRIBAL PRINTS are classic motifs anytime of the year, but their typically rich colors and vibrant patterns make them especially wonderful in the fall. With a trend toward the handcrafted, textiles that transport us to faraway places are very popular.

One Kings Lane

So there you have it! Our take on how to bring a sophisticated and natural vibe to your interior spaces this fall. What do you think? How do you like to decorate when the leaves start to change? Let us know in the comments below.

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