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Orange You Glad?

Orange You Glad

Is orange the new black? No, we don’t think so. We think orange is orange, and that’s a great thing! Orange is such a fun color. It’s bright. It’s bold. It’s zesty! It’s a sassy showstopper on the runway, packs a powerful punch in clothing and fashion accessories and ramps up the vibe in any decor. Consider it a healthy dose of Vitamin C for your interior spaces. Use it in small doses for pops of visual pizazz or wrap an entire room in the citrus hue for a warm, energetic vibe.

Here’s how the Savvy team used a vivid orange for a bedroom in a Naples, Florida getaway home. Perfectly juxtaposed with lime green and chocolate brown, this tantalizing tangerine guest room is ideal for a vacation home, especially in sunny Florida! Can’t commit to this much orange? Try it on one accent wall or layer it in accessories, pillows, upholstery or bedding. The orange patterned window treatments here would look great on a more neutral wall, too 😉

Orange You Glad 1
Design by Savvy

Here are some more spaces that have embraced this happy, playful, rejuvenating color!

Orange You Glad 2
Design by Savvy
Photo by Michael Jacob Photography

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane

Orange You Glad 5
Luxe Magazine

Orange You Glad 6


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