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It’s Easy Being Green

“Green” design is not about the color; it’s about protecting the earth

Being eco-conscious is a huge trend in both fashion and interior design these days.  Green design encompasses many elements of the home, such as lighting, appliances, flooring, upholstery, fixtures, furniture, wallcoverings or paint, and more.


Fauxgerty, a vegan outerwear brand enlisted Savvy’s Commercial Group to design their new retail flagship in St. Louis’ chic Central West End. Sustainable, reclaimed wood was used exclusively in this space, including the benches and front desk, which is topped with a white, solid surface. Ebony stained cubes provide ideal display space while secretly hiding extra inventory. Special touches, such as clothing racks made from black piping, were a cost-conscious option that also enhanced the industrial feel of the space. A contemporary metal chandelier is the crowning jewel in this hip, “green” boutique, which effortlessly blends the organic with the industrial, creating a natural balance that is both beautiful and functional.

Image: Michael Jacob Photography, Designer: Savvy Surrounding

More examples of green design:

A courtyard filled with greenery absorbs natural sunlight also contributing to the passive cooling system.
IMAGE: DI Interior Design Blog, Mexican Retreat designed by Taller Estilo Arquitectura

Central to this design vision was the use of raw, ready materials throughout, including this reclaimed wood dining table.
Mexican Retreat designed by Taller Estilo Arquitectura, Image: DI Interior Design Blog


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