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Inspired By: Mother Nature

More than twice the size of Texas and rimmed by more coastline than all of the other states combined, Alaska’s sheer size makes it dramatic and impressive. No wonder the Aleutian people call Alaska “the Great Land.” But the scenery . . . ah yes, the scenery is unmatched.

Mother Nature is certainly the quintessential interior designer. Each composition she creates is perfectly balanced and, more often than not, absolutely breathtaking.

Here are a few of Mother Nature’s best paired with some interior spaces that pick up on their stunning palettes. We think each of them is pretty amazing. We’ve also included some color inspiration that mirror these natural beauties, giving you ideas on how to bring what Mother Nature deems pretty darn gorgeous into your home.

NAVY + GREEN.Bright, crisp and classic, navy blue and Kelly green is a timeless color combo. Trending toward the preppy side, this pair can also take on a nautical look with the right amount of white.

RED + YELLOW. Cherry red and bright yellow inject warmth into a space making it feel cozy, welcoming and lively. Designer Miles Redd went a step further and glazed the taxicab yellow walls in this colorful library giving the room an even more vibrant glow.

TURQUOISE + BRIGHT BLUE.This true blue duo is fresh and clean. If an airy, unfussy feel is what you’re after, blending turquoise with a deeper, brighter blue and weaving in lots of white accents in furniture and accessories is an ideal place to start.

PURPLE AND TAUPE. Purple is making a comeback in interior design. Deep violet shades are bold and regal, while pale lavenders can be soft and sweet. Mixing purple with an earthy tone, such as taupe, brings this mystical color down to earth.

ORANGE + GREY. Orange by its very nature packs a punch. It’s a playful color that even at its palest, reveals a zest for living. On the other hand, grey is calm and quiet, with both light and dark tones adding an air of sophistication to any space. Used together, this combustible pair finds harmony, making it a perfect match.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Looking to add a bit of Mother Nature’s splendor to your home? Call Savvy today (314.432.7289) or stop by our showroom and chat with a designer about what you have in mind. We’d love to help you achieve the space of your dreams!


Author: judy uelk

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