So you’re ready to push the traditional Thanksgiving tabletop envelope, are you, and go for something a little bit fresher, a little bit more of the moment? We’re all over it! Here are three easy to ways to style a modern glam tabletop for Turkey Day that is as timeless as it is new.

Go for the Gold

You can’t go wrong with an elegant palette of gold and white. These two standards on the color wheel are sumptuous and classic but can steer more contemporary, too. Gold is shimmering and fresh and reflects candlelight creating a beautiful ambience. Mixing in other metallics, too, such as the copper plates and cutlery here, add yet more interest and play well with gold and white. Gold is also a great transitional color, which makes it ideal as we go from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

“Gold and white form a simple yet elegant color palette. This combo creates a polished and refined table with a fashionable and modern feel.” — Diane Fogerty, Savvy’s owner and principal designer

Layer. Layer. Layer.

Layering different textures is key to creating richness in a modern tablescape. Think rough against smooth. Luxurious fabrics heighten the look here with creamy white velvet pumpkins, glistening blown-glass pumpkins and crisp white linen napkins edged in gold beads juxtaposing beautifully with the rustic dining table.

Be Unpredictable.

Setting a modern tabletop means you can be unpredictable, challenging the expected. White cheeseboards edged in gold were used as “placemats” here. Not only is that totally out of the ordinary, the cheeseboards elevate the plates adding height to each place setting.

Fresh flowers also don’t need to be the center of attention on your modern tabletop. We incorporated florals into the room design here, but chose to use the velvet and blown-glass pumpkins as the “centerpiece.” This allows you to set the table days in advance of your Thanksgiving meal.

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